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Are you a gurl?


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Hello! I'm starting at a new school in a week and my brother was there last year and he's like, "the math teach is like in his early thirties, oh and he rescues kittens." Okay, I'm more of a dog person but ever since then I've been anticipating meeting this teacher. No teachers have been good looking, unfortunately for me, and I've always been after men that are old enough to be my dad but now!!! I kinda have a shot at having my very own tc. I just had to tell someone :))))

Omg my math teacher this year is pretty cute! And it’s senior year baby, I’ll be 18 in a few months and out of school a few months after that *wink wink* haha but teacher crushes are probably the best and worst thing about going to school!




this can be taken two ways

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13 years older, happily married, hasn't been my teach for three years but constantly stops me in the halls, offers me her room to hang out at any hour of the day, stays and talks to me after school, before school, on bus duty. Comes to see my speeches and my shows. Wanted to come see my at a tournament an hour away from her house... mixed emotions, do I really like her that way?, and also... how could I not, she's perfect.

She seems so sweet!  It’s really nice when you get that one teacher who actually cares about their students.

Omfg I hated the goddamn ice bucket challenge but I am now forever grateful because I watched him get a bucket of water dumped on him this afternoon and hoLy sHiT tHanK u jESus I needed this

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Do you know of any like sexy teacher imagin-y type stories and where I can find them?? I have this endlessly frustrating teacher and if like to channel this energy through stories,

I’m sure there are some but be careful because you might find a lot of porn lol unless you’re looking for that but idk if you searched for it on tumblr I’m sure you would be able to find something!